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High opening speed, with immediate availability of the complete opening height and compact door technology

The Transsprint opens at a speed of up to three meters per second. Due to the lateral opening of the door leaves, the entire passage height is immediately available. With the high speed and the immediate achievement of the clearance height, the movement of goods is even faster. This guarantees a trouble-free and safe flow of traffic and prevents long interruptions. The stainless steel version of the Transsprint meets the hygienic requirements of the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Product features

  • Contactless protection through a lightgrid
  • Crash protection
  • Low lintel required
  • Wide range of colours
  • Internal door
  • External door
  • Large door openings
  • Permanent curtain tension
  • Quick opening and closing (horizontal)
  • Immediately available passage height

Technical data

Size range

Maximum height
6.000 mm
Maximum width
6.000 mm

Special dimensions on request


Integrated frequency inverter

Opening speed
3,0 m/s
Closing speed
1,0 m/s


  • Microprocessor control


  • PVC-coated fabric including a large viewing window

Resistance to wind load (EN12424)

  • Class 2

Anti-crash system

  • The bars are latched back into the guide carriages after the crash

Transsprint FLW

Vertical door for escape routes with surveillance in the escape direction.

Transsprint FOOD

Horizontally opening high-speed door with hygienic properties like no other – the standard for the food industry.

Transsprint FT

The Transsprint as a special solution for conveyor systems and technology. To support your business processes.

Transsprint ATEX

Specially developed high-speed door for potentially explosive areas.

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