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PVC high-speed door with very high resistance to wind loads.

The high-speed roll-up door with an approx. 3 mm thick curtain is quick-opening and closing, vertically. The low lintel requirement, quiet operation and the large door openings up to 10,000 x 8,500 mm characterize the Transrapid.

Product features

  • Contactless protection through a lightgrid
  • Wide range of colours
  • Internal door
  • Quick opening and closing (vertical)
  • 3 mm thick fabric curtain
  • External door
  • Large door openings
  • Permanent curtain tension
  • Tension spring system for weight balance

Technical data

Size range

Maximum height
10.000 mm
Maximum width
8.500 mm


Integrated frequency inverter

Opening speed
2,0 m/s
Closing speed
0,8 m/s


  • Microprocessor control


  • PVC approx. 3 mm with two fabric inserts and viewing windows
  • Integrated steel wind pressure locks
  • Permanent curtain tension

Resistance to wind load (EN12424)

  • Class 3

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