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Strip curtain

The low-cost closure with good insulating and soundproofing properties

Strip curtains are not only an inexpensive closure, they also serve to seal steel sliding doors and crane runways or as noise protection due to their special insulating properties. They can also be used to protect your machinery and equipment from dust and chips. The strip curtain also serve protection during metal welding and in an open warehouse they can also be used as rain protection. Thanks to the patented suspension clips, they can moreover be installed quickly and easily.

Product features

  • Low lintel required
  • Internal door
  • Low-cost solution
  • External door
  • Large door openings

Technical data

Strip design maximum installation height
200 mm x 2 mm 2.500 mm
300 mm x 3 mm 4.000 mm
400 mm x 4 mm 6.000 mm


  • Fixed
  • Slidable one-part/multi-part
  • Slidable 90° around a corner

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