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Our expert service as a manufacturer of industrial doors

Advice and planning

At ITW, we develop highly specific, detailed door solutions - and that for every application, no matter how individual. Our experienced team will be with you right from the start so that the path to a precisely fitting goal is crowned with success. A personal contact person is available to you from the first question to the measurement on site.

A precise determination of needs and requirements forms the basis for deciding which door system is suitable and which will give your company the best result. Whether machine protection or high-speed doors - the individual determination of operational requirements is our top priority at all times and is free of charge. We plan - you decide.


The assembly and smooth commissioning form the successful conclusion of the conception and implementation process. Incidentally, we at ITW do the assembly not only for our own products, but also for third-party products. We have a nationwide network of sales representatives available for this purpose.

Maintenance and repairs

We offer an expert maintenance service for our own and third-party products. To ensure that your door system works tirelessly and trouble-free, the maintenance dates and intervals provided by the manufacturer should be adhered to. If you wish, we will be happy to remind you of the necessary maintenance.

We at ITW are aware that today no company can afford to shut down a door system - regardless of whether it is third-party debt or machine-related. That is why our employees are available to you as quickly as possible in the unlikely event of a gate standstill or failure.

Spare parts service 

With our first-class spare parts service, we are able to immediately procure and install precisely fitting spare parts for your machine protection or high-speed door. What is a matter of course for our own products, we at ITW enable for third-party products.

Do you have a product that is no longer built today? Then speak to our service staff. We will do our best to get the right part for you.

UVV inspection

In addition to the development and sale of custom-fit industrial door systems, we at ITW specialize in an extensive UVV service for our own products and systems from third-party manufacturers. For many years, well-known large companies as well as numerous automotive suppliers have been among our customers.

According to the law, the accident prevention regulations (UVV) stipulate an annual inspection of all automatic gate systems, including controls, for the unrestricted protection of people and machines. Our field staff, certified according to ASR 1.7 TÜV, take care of the acceptance of your high-speed doors and machine protection gates. As part of the inspection, they document the operating behavior, the safety status and any defects. Faultless door systems immediately receive an extension of the operating permit.

Do you need information material, do you have any questions or suggestions? We look forward to your call or message.

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