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The allrounder for any opening that is passed through extremely frequently by forklifts or floor vehicles

The allrounder can be used for additional building closure or as an interior door up to a size of 5000 x 5000mm. The Transspeed is a high quality solution for any opening that is extremely frequented by forklifts or floor vehicles. Due to the permanent curtain tension system, the door leaf is always kept under tension during opening and closing. The optionally available spring system for weight compensation completes the concept and offers fast emergency opening.

Product features

  • Contactless protection through a lightgrid
  • Crash protection
  • Low lintel required
  • Wide range of colours
  • Internal door
  • Quick opening and closing (vertical)
  • External door
  • Large door openings
  • Permanent curtain tension
  • Tension spring system for weight balance

Technical data

Size range

Maximum height
5.000 mm
Maximum width
5.000 mm


Integrated frequency inverter

Opening speed
2,0 m/s
Closing speed
0,8 m/s


  • Microprocessor control


  • Transparent PVC with vertical fabric strips
  • PVC approx. 3 mm with two fabric inserts and viewing windows
  • Integrated steel wind pressure bars, resistance to wind load class 2
  • Permanent curtain tension

Resistance to wind load (EN12424)

  • Class 2 (Optional: Class 3)

Transspeed BS

Geräuscharm, schnell und in Bereichen mit starker Zugluft einsetzbar.

Transspeed BSGA

Permanent curtain tension and weight balance for smooth running and quick emergency opening.

Transspeed GA

The high-speed door for wind-protected areas with quick emergency opening.

Transspeed FLW

Vertical door for escape routes with surveillance in the escape direction.

Transspeed ATEX

Specially developed high-speed door for potentially explosive areas.

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